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The history of artisan ice cream in Puglia

Since 1947, Gelateria San Marco has been a small masterpiece of taste.

“Our company’s mission is to monitor carefully the needs and the demands of our clients, with respect to the variety of products offered, always guaranteeing the highest quality for a healthy and nutritious product”. These are the words that from yesterday to today have marked the heart of those who have always believed in this product and inspired the history of the San Marco ice cream parlour.

Love for ice cream brings us back in time, when in 1947, in the heart of the city of Molfetta, an ice cream was born in the workshop of a small local craftsman, San Marco, that through the careful selection of the best ingredients touched everyone’s heart for its genuineness and the highest quality.

Even now, Gelateria San Marco represents a success story of Italian artisan ice cream parlour. “Our ice cream contains tradition, passion and quality. We inherited the profession and made it our passion, a historical heritage of wisdom, but also of continuous study and desire to grow. Elements that we use, day after day, in each of our products”.

Gelateria San Marco realises, thanks to a continuous research and selection of the best raw materials and according to the old handmade recipes, products of the highest quality, which have always represented the traits of our production.

But Gelateria San Marco does not stop there. Thanks to the constant enthusiasm and the desire to grow on a daily basis, in front of the great market consensus, a new project was born in 2009: the San Marco Ice Factory, which aims to expand the production and marketing of its products.

So the new and innovative production plant which is located in the modern industrial area of Molfetta is born, and though adopting more technologically advanced production techniques, it does not abandon the high quality and craftsmanship of its production.

With profuse commitment and resolution, the San Marco Ice Factory has been successfully imposed on the small and large-scale retail trade, receiving consumer consent, who appreciate the peculiarity and authenticity of the entire range.

However, the daily challenge is not to forget the importance of the artisan tradition that makes each product unique, distinctive, like the human being who through the uniqueness of his palate appreciates all the facets of our products. The joy of every day is to believe in it, to carry on a tradition with passion, determination and desire to grow.

San Marco Ice Factory combines all this: Innovation and Tradition, local culinary heritage and advanced research to meet the needs of all customers.