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The history of San Marco

Our history begins in 1947 when when the little San Marco ice-cream shop opened in Molfetta.

Over the years, that little shop has contributed to create the identity of the people of the city. They were used to enjoying ice-cream while having good time in the shiny days.

Today, San Marco ice-cream shop is an icon in the city and it still sell the same high quality ice-cream giving emotions to people. However, in the last ten years, San Marco has become a real company inspired, thogh, by the same old values.

Since 2009 San Marco has been not jus a name but a real brand meaning tradition, passion, innovation and quality.

Tradition. Ice-cream has old origins. San Marco with its traditional shop keeps alive the tradition of ice-cream bringing it to people.

Passion. We like to call it enthusiasm. A real feeling for our products make us give the best of ourselves in the production, in the research e develop of it. We love ice-cream and we try to spread our passion among other people.

San Marco Gelati
san marco ice cream history

Innovation. People have changed. That is why we analyse people’s habits to creat new recipes to meet their needs and to gane their trust.

Quality. San Marco ice-cream is the result of a careful selection of ingredients and of continous revisions and improvements. Our ingredients have an excellent quality such as our fresh Italian milk, fresh pistachios and Caffare Chocolate. San Marco’s recipes are perfectly balanced for a successful result and a safe quality ice-cream.