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Multipack Voluttà

Our new rang of Voluttà Multipack includes cones, ice-cream bars and ice-cream sandwiches ready to be tasted in any moment of your day. They are made with selected ingredients and mastery.

Classic cream cone

Cono Classico alla Panna

Classic cocoa and cream cone

Classico bigusto

Classic sour cherry cone

Classico Amarena

Mini classic cream cone

Coni mini alla panna

Mini classic yogurt and berries cone

Mini coni allo yogurt

Mini classic coffee cone

Mini coni al caffè

Lemon Bar

Stecco al limone

Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Bar

Gran Nocciolato al caramello

Dark Chocolate Bar

Gran Stecco Fondente

Mini Dark Chocolate Bar

Mini Fondente

Mini Hazelnut and Vanilla bar

Mini Nocciolato alla vaniglia

Maxi Taste Sandwich

Tasty Cream Sandwich

Gustoso con panna

Cream and Cocoa Sandwich

Bigusto panna e cacao

Mini Cream sandwich

Gustosini con panna